Modern Juice Centre, Colaba’s Worst Kept Secret

If you’re a proud inhabitant of the Western Suburbs, as we usually are, your sole compulsions to visit South Bombay will likely be the interesting old architecture and mandatory court summons. This unfortunately means you’ll miss out on a bounty of incredible things; one of which happens to a small juice stall in Colaba that all the kids are talking about. Seating is minimal, as the staff set up a bunch of plastic chairs by the side of the road; which is still more comfortable than 40% of the restaurants we’ve been to.

For a stall, Modern and its surrounding street are surprisingly sanitary. There was very little interference from the local wildlife except for one cheeky crow who tried to steal our sandwich and a small cat we gleefully kicked around. We were disappointed to find out that they only serve Shawarma after 6pm; so we begrudgingly agreed to order some of Modern Juice Centre’s lesser known items, juice and sandwiches.

Mulberry Juice

Price: Rs.120

Mulberry Juice is a seasonal concoction of what is easily the ugliest looking berry in the world. It’s quite delicious even though it’s a little tart; another phrase HR told us to refrain from using. It’s a bit expensive for juice, even for South Bombay, but at least they cover your glass with a presumably patented piece of plastic, so that your juice doesn’t spill.

Chikoo Milkshake

Price: Rs.90

The Chickoo Milkshake was not particularly impressive, but certainly worth every penny. It too comes with Modern’s secret cup-lid, which our website is trying to reverse engineer and sell to the Chinese. It was while taking pictures of the Chickoo Milkshake against the nearby canopy when a waiter asked why we, a bunch of grown men with DSLRs were obsessing over a 90 rupee milkshake. We then proceeded to explain the concept of Instagram to the man, who quite justifiably found it stupid. No amount of explaining could ever redeem us in his eyes.

Chicken Cheese Garlic Sandwich

Price: Rs.115

The Chicken Cheese Garlic Grill contained everything its name said it would, and they all came together rather elegantly. It wasn’t particularly special, but for a roadside juice stall, we can’t complain. One of our concerns was that they put too much chicken, which sounds like a very upper class thing to be annoyed about; but when in Rome.. At least we’re pretty sure it was chicken.

The Decree: While Modern Juice Centre wasn’t perfect, we did have a nice time. The service was prompt and they didn’t openly mock us for taking so many pictures of street food. After a hard day of reluctantly following your girlfriend around Colaba causeway in the sweltering heat, a cool watermelon juice from Modern Juice centre is just what you’ll need.

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