Nice Fast Food Centre: Santacruz’s Not So Hidden Gem

For the longest time Santacruz’s sole contribution to the human race has been the fact that it connects Bandra to Andheri. If Bandra’s the queen of suburbs then Santacruz is the court jester. Despite being ignored for the entirety of its existence, Santacruz, the most generic, unassuming and boring of all the western suburbs has somehow managed to churn out something of true greatness. Nice is a metal box in front of a construction site overlooking SV road; certainly not the most appetising of settings. The seating arrangements are mostly plastic stools, or if you’re lucky, the opportunity to lean on a nearby wall. But these are only minor flaws; Nice truly has some of the most delicious kebabs in existence, and for very reasonable prices.

A dinner at nice (they only open at 6pm) is a strangely titillating experience, you can feel the heat of the nearby grill while placing your order, and take in all the exciting smells as the aroma of their assorted meats fills the air, maybe play with the cats that live nearby, or kick them, whatever you prefer. They don’t have the most extensive menu, and choosing the best things to order is like having to choose between an arm and a leg. But we’re professionals, and we did it anyway.

Seekh Kabab

Price Per Plate: Rs.70

Nice Review Post Sheek Kebab

The Seekh Kebab is Nice’s signature dish. They’re pretty spicy, and crisp on the outside. It comes served with a sweetish green chutney and makes for a pretty excellent starter. Naturally, it’s mutton.

Khiri Kaleji

Price Per Plate: Rs.65

Nice Review Post Khiri Kaleji

Khiri Kaleji is made from goat innards. As unappetising as it may sound, it’s actually pretty delicious if you try not to think about where it’s coming from.

Chicken Baida Roti

Price Per Roll: Rs.70

Nice Review Post Chicken Baida Roti

The Chicken Baida Roti is the closest thing Nice has to an actual main course. It’s pretty fantastic by itself but gets even better when you dip it in the complimentary green chutney.

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