Olive Planet; The Military Surplus E-Store For Damn Civilians

Ever wanted to sport a badass camo jacket and rock some premium steel toed leather boots; but the thought of being shot at by Pakistanis was a bit off putting?  Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore, Olive Planet (India’s own military themed e-commerce website) has got you covered. So whether you’re looking for military grade camping equipment, knives with which to accidentally cut yourself, high quality military themed t-shirts or camo helmets you’ll wear once and never touch again, they have it all.

Ever since first time we stumbled on oliveplanet.in  we’ve spent about five hours each day e-window shopping, which is somehow even sadder than regular window shopping, but we have no regrets, this site is just unadulterated badassery. It was started by an army officer named Capt. Chethan YK way back in 2009 and has since then grown to become every man’s fantasy. Apart from being manly as hell there’s also the fact that everything is really cheap because it’s still an Indian e-commerce website, which is why we seriously recommend you make some good deals before it runs itself into the ground.

There’s thousands of products to chose from, some are impractical, some are dangerous and other are a bit too excessive for civilian life, unless you live in Borivali, which is why we’ve picked some slightly more relevant things for you to have a look at.

1) Combat Boots

Rs. 1,499

Olive Planet Post Photo Boots 1


These boots are the successor to the DMS boots worn by the Indian Army, and if they’re good enough for the ice deserts of the Himalayas we’re sure they can handle the potholes of Saki Naka just fine. They’re all leather naturally and come in any colour you like, as long as it’s black. There are more heavy duty boots on the site, but we think these will do just fine, unless you plan on invading China.

2) T-shirt OG Army

Rs. 499

Olive Planet Post Photo Shirt


Olive Planet has some great t-shirts, and unlike the camo tees which make you look like a poser, this was simple are had a very Apocalypse Now feel to it. It would make a great t-shirt for when you’re working out, sleeping or just spitting cheesy 1980’s one-liners.

3) Patrol Cap

Rs. 440

Olive Planet Post Photo cap 1


Once again, Olive Planet has a crazy selection of patrol caps but the simplest one is by far the most appropriate for all occasions. And at just 440 bucks it’s an absolute steal, especially if you’ve seen Full Metal Jacket.

4) Helmet M-38

Rs. 1,950


Olive Planet Post Photo helmet 1

Whoever said biking helmets can’t look good? Besides the ISI. We aren’t entirely sure about whether or not this helmet is street legal but it’s a reproduction of a World War 2 German helmet and if it’s good enough to survive World War 2, we’re sure it can hold up to Bombay’s traffic. And it’s all steel, none of that plastic nonsense.

5) Engraved Dog Tag (Silver)

Rs. 499

Olive Planet Post Photo dog tag 1


Driver’s licenses are so civilian; every guy needs to have his own personal dog tag. Olive Planet personalises your dog tag for you, all you need to do is enter in your details. I presume they’ll know if you’re lying.

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