3 Random Street Foods We Love

Mumbai has a lot of things that make it positively unique; from the majestic victorian horse-drawn carriages which the liberals got banned, to the iconic padmini taxis, classic Italian design and engineering, that the liberals also got banned. But try as they might, the liberals can never take away the most unabashedly Mumbai thing of all, our incredible street food. While vada pavs get the most praise for obvious reasons, this article is dedicated to less acknowledged street food that we at The Bombay Report love above all else.

Raju Sandwich Stall

We actually agree with feminists when they say jokes about women making sandwiches are uncool. That’s because men make better sandwiches; and Raju Sandwich Stall is proof of that claim. Located opposite KC and HR College, this great stall has done more to drive up attendance rates than threats from the college administration, and as far as we’re concerned, their Cheese Panini is as delicious as it is visually appealing. In most circumstances, when people talk about the eateries next to their college being great, they’re usually looking at things through rose tinted glasses, and those places tend to be objectively awful, but that’s absolutely not the case with Raju Sandwich Stall. It really is that good. And while it can be easy to slack off and sell a subpar product to kids from HR, who historically lack any sense of taste (and are also to blame for the existence of ‘The J‘), they never succumb to such evil temptations.

Manju Dosa

The best a man could ever hope for is to build a legacy that lasts long after he’s gone; and Manju Dosa’s story is no different. It was founded decades ago by a man from Mysore, whose legacy is carried on by a team of very skilled, but equally sweaty young men working together to craft the finest dosas in Santacruz. If you rake in the big bucks, as we do, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty opposite the Gujarat Research Centre, you’ll definitely want to try their Mysore Cheese Masala Dosa, which is a piping hot package of deliciously spiced vegetables and unforgiving, molten cheese; accompanied by an equally enjoyable serving cool coconut chutney. If not, you’ll have to contend with their less opulent cheese Sada Dosa, which is also thoroughly satisfying.

Ram And Shyam

With over 40 years of R&D into Bhel Puri and the like, Ram and Shyam isn’t just a great place for a snack, they’re legitimately one of the only street food stalls you can take foreigners to and not have their pathetic digestive systems break down before your very eyes. Trust us, we know. While it’s definitely not cheap, their Sev Puri is something we’ve grown to love over the decades, especially because it’s only available in two variants, spicy and very spicy. The Bhel Puri is great too, but as with all bhel puri, not quite as memorable.

What’s your favourite street food? Do you know a street food vendor you think we’d love? Let us know on Instagram, and we’ll go there and ask for extra sukha puris.

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