Papacream; Our Awful Tryst With Pani Puri Ice Cream

There are some problems in life for which you only have yourself to blame; from paying money to watch Farah Khan’s movies, to going vegan, to channelling weapons to Mexican Drug lords for a sting operation, then losing track of those weapons. Yeah, that really happened. But one of the worst forms of well intentioned self harm is trying to eat savoury ice cream; We know this because on one fateful October morn that’s exactly what we did. We went in expecting adventure; but all we got was disgust, disappointment and regret that no amount of taking out my frustration in the form of well placed punches to Derrick the Intern’s face could satisfy.

The place that set the scene for the worst liquid nitrogen based disaster of my life is called Papacream, and the culprit, the Pani Puri Sorbet. And yes, before we get to complaining about how terrible it was, I understand, we were total dumbasses to order a pani puri ice cream, but we did it because we love you, the people. You’re my muse, my flame, my target demographic for eventual monetisation. We did it for you.

Pani Puri Sorbet

Price: Rs.160 (plus tax)


Do you know what potato mousse is? We don’t. What we do know is that we hate it almost as much as we hate our arch enemy, Coffee By Di Bella, the pricks who took down Fat Kong, my second favourite Chinese Restaurant. The potato mousse comes served in canap├ęs because when you pay 200 bucks for a single scoop of ice cream it sure as hell better not come in puris. But the real star of the whole disaster that is the Pani Puri Sorbet is the pani, which is literally just frozen sludge served in a cup. It tastes like a sweet liquid tamarind that was frozen and mashed together with an expired bottle of jal jeera that someone left in the freezer. No good.

All in all, it was pretty awful, only get it if you hate your wellbeing enough to force yourself into situations that are likely to result in your throwing up, but not quite enough to take up a liberal arts course. We’re sure Papacream has some wonderful desserts; we’re just never going there again.

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