Pure Milk And Snacks Centre: The Eastern Suburbs, They’re Just Like Us

Ever since we stumbled upon Instagram about two years ago while searching online for leaked Rakhi Sawant pictures, we’ve observed multiple accounts uploading unnecessarily graphic videos of cheese dripping down the sides of dosas. The subject of this semi-pornographic, decadent content is the ‘cheese burst’ dosa at a place called Pure Milk And Snacks Centre, conveniently located in the heart of Ghatkopar East. As people who’ve only heard rumours about what goes on in Ghatkopar, (some of which we’ll admit we started); we had no intention of going. So we decided to sit on the matter for years, hoping that death or bankruptcy would come for us first. But sadly enough, they didn’t.

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We intended to navigate our way to Pure Milk And Snacks Centre by moving in the direction of the Orion Constellation, but it turns out that trick only works at night. We arrived many hours later, partly expecting to be mugged within the first four minutes, but were surprised to see how reasonably well developed the area around the eatery was, and given the apparent affluence of everyone and everything, we came to the damning conclusion that the only seedy elements in the area were us. The menus at Pure Milk And Snacks Centre are truly fantastical. There are at least six of them, with pictures of items we never even knew existed, let alone tried before. This made ordering considerably harder.

Before we placed our order, we were asked to write our names and telephone numbers a tiny, dark notebook. This was slightly shady, but we weren’t too concerned because we linked our numbers to our Aadhar cards, and you should too, mitron. Just some of the oddities one can expect to find are the Fizz Pizza, the Taco Pizza, and the Cashew And Raisin Bruschetta, but after an and a half of travelling even we were in no mood to mess around, so we stuck to the dosas instead.

Pav Bhaji Dosa

Rs. 185

The Pav Bhaji dosa at Pure Milk And Snacks Centre was certainly very good, they didn’t put the bhaji in the dosa which was logical, but still quietly disappointing. And there wasn’t any pav, which meant that technically it’s just Bhaji Dosa. While incredibly spicy and filling, the dosa wasn’t as crisp as we’re used to. Still it made for a reasonably good meal, and you certainly get generously large portions. That being said, 185 bucks for a dosa, no matter how good or large is absurd, especially at a place that doesn’t even have a roof.

Schezwan Cheese Masala Dosa


The Schezwan Cheese Masala Dosa tasted a lot like a roadside Chinese spring roll. It may have well been one the largest things we’ve ever successfully eaten. It’s a pretty solid meal, and leaves you feeling sickly satisfied at the end. 220 bucks might be the most amount of money anybody has ever paid for a dosa, and while it was delicious and as satisfying, we can’t help but feel that it was ridiculously overpriced.

Special Falooda

Rs. 150

The Special Falooda is beautifully layered with different flavours of ice cream, which can only mean the person who made it really loves their job, or needs a serious intervention. They gave us two straws, which we always take as a deep personal insult because straight men don’t drink out of two straws from the same glass. In their defence, however, one of us happened to be wearing wear a pink shirt. Again, as much as we liked the Special Falooda, it seemed like a little too much money for not nearly enough falooda, and we’ve had way better for  less.

The Decree: As much as we liked the almost mind-boggling list of options at Pure Milk And Snacks Center, and as pleasant as the food was, it’s just far too out of the way, and what you get simply isn’t worth the price. Sure, everything we ate was good, but sooner or later you have to put your foot down and decide how much money you’re willing to throw away on a dosa.  If you’re looking for novelty items that you probably won’t find anywhere else in the city, it’s your best bet, but if you’re looking for reasonably priced street food, it just isn’t worth it.

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