Our 3 Favourite Restaurants For First Dates

There’s nothing that women find more attractive than guys who own mid-sized, semi satirical food blogs. But before we built our media empire, we discovered that our success or failure with women was greatly influenced by how many times we brought up World War 2 during conversation, & even more so by the places we chose to take them on dates. The key is finding something that’s quaint and well lit, but also reasonably economical. Good food is a plus, but Instagram worthy food is essential to keeping her distracted so that she doesn’t notice your buddies disguised in fake moustaches feeding you advice from the next table. After several first dates, some that resulted in a second, and others with restraining orders, we’ve come up with a list of three restaurants that we think are best suited for first dates:

Poetry By Love And Cheesecake

Easily one of the prettiest restaurants we’ve been to, Poetry By Love and Cheesecake is the kind of place you wouldn’t want to be caught dead at under any circumstance, other than a date with a woman. They have many different, but delicious preparations of avocados, the proceeds of which you’ll be happy to know, go straight to your friendly neighbourhood drug cartel; and the desserts are phenomenal. What really sets Poetry apart is that it was pretty clearly designed specifically for this purpose; to enthral women with interior design, & convince them that you go to other places too, besides bars.

Fuu Qin, Juhu

Small, flashy, and cloyingly saccharine, Fuu Qin shouldn’t be one of our favourite restaurants in Mumbai. But it is. The food doesn’t just look great; it’s perfection. Every item on their menu is meticulously crafted, and is built from ingredients and condiments we still can’t fully process. They even bake their own bread every morning, which is praiseworthy, even if it means they may not always have want you want to order because it’s all sold out. Still, as far as dates go, Fuu Qin’s food will make even the most mundane conversation about her cats seem extraordinary.

Your Local Dive Bar

Granted, dive bars are sacred institutions erected by and for men to escape, for a fleeting couple of hours, the women in their lives. However, there are some bars that are more welcoming to women than most, while still upholding their proud tradition of mediocre service, poor sanitation and imminent danger. More so, taking her to your bar will show her a part of your world, and help you gauge how cool she is, & whether she’ll be comfortable hanging with the boys. But perhaps most importantly, you can get your drink on and see how much of a lightweight she is (or isn’t), & theres a very low chance of you having to use the dance moves you hastily learned on Youtube only hours earlier.

Where do you go on first dates? If it isn’t something stupid like Social or cliché like a coffee shop, message us on Instagram & let us know, we’re in desperate need of your help.

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