Why It’s Finally Cool To Own A Jeep Again

The Jeep has long been the go-to vehicle of crazy survivalist uncles, dudes compensating for something and worst of all, the BMC, but there’s one little garage in Andheri that’s made owning a Jeep objectively badass again. Their name; R.F Jeeps.

As a writer, things like petrol and comfort are way out of my price range, I’m a car person at heart but a bus person in practice. However, I’ve watched enough of the old Top Gear and I’m still enough of a man-baby to know a good car when I see it. And these, my friends, are good cars. And like all Jeeps, they’re reliable too. Just make sure you wear a seatbelt because flying out of the vehicle when you hit a gentle bump is a very real possibility.


For just the price of a Hyundai i20 (a car which has the sex appeal of a hoverboard), you could get a vintage 1940’s Willy’s Jeep in perfect working condition. There’s some pretty neat looking Fords and Mahindras too, which is really saying something because most Mahindras look like large cardboard boxes. R.F doesn’t just sell Jeeps; they customise the living hell out of them. Let’s be honest, to most rational human beings Jeeps aren’t very much to look at, they’re kind of cool, sure, but they’re definitely not pretty. Unless you pimp them out of course, in which case they’re just gorgeous.


Mr. R F Khan, the owner has a job every person who identifies as male (because gender is a spectrum obviously) would die for. He modifies Jeeps for a living, that’s about as manly as beating up a shark or treating all women with respect (#feminism). He started out as a guy who loves Jeeps and turned it into a business, plus he seems like a nice guy too.


If you’re looking to buy a new car, or just want to ogle at some 400 Horsepower eye candy you should definitely take a look at R F Jeeps, prices start at Rs.4,00,000.

They’re right besides the Audi Showroom on New Link Road near D.N Nagar Metro Station, Andheri West.




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