Bandra’s ‘Secret’ Time-Travel Pub Crawl

If you haven’t dreamt of being able to travel back in time and ask yourself to slow it down every time you’ve gotten super wasted, you haven’t been living a full life. Luckily, you can soon have a chance to change that, and live like a true degenerate, with The Secret Time Travel Pub Crawl.

If you ask me, themed pub crawls are clever tricks designed to get girls excited about what is essentially drinking at three bars in one night, which for low-lifes like us, is just another Thursday. The event will take you from the 1940s to 2020 across three bars in Bandra, each assigned a unique theme and era, with a custom designed menu and activities. Unfortunately, for some reason they chose the American 1940s, so there will be no heated debates about the partition.

Pub Crawl Post

The pub crawl begins in the 40s, with Jazz and Blues, and moves on to the 80s, the Golden age of Rock’n’Roll and Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, it completely skips the 90s and moves directly into the 2020s, with EDM and ‘trap’ music. Right now, the venues are all a secret, but as time passes, they’ll reveal more about the event and the prices will gradually go up.

If you’re like us, you’ve always dreamed of time travel, and this event will hopefully fulfill our time travel fantasies, just with more alcohol and less sassy black women telling us what to do.

Date:  24th September

Grab your tickets here.



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