Sion Lunch Home; Modern’s less popular cousin

Sion Lunch Home has, for years, been serving up great Maharashtrian seafood to long-time patrons from Sion, and brave people from other parts of Mumbai who are willing to venture into Sion. I have to say, every time I do go to Sion I eat next door, at Modern Lunch Home, it’s prettier twin sister. Modern Lunch home has become somewhat of a legend, and now has a chain of restaurants across the city, but let’s give Sion Lunch Home a little love too.

Sion Lunch Home
Crab Masala

Modern has a dim non A/C room as well as a better lit A/C one. It doesn’t matter where you sit, because you’ll be too busy having crab juice dripping down your elbows to care about the temperature. The Bombil fry (Rs. 170) is some of the crunchiest in the city, and the Crab Masala (Rs. 220) and the Squid Pulimunchi (Rs. 220) don’t hurt either. Seafood, much like all other food is better after a couple of beers, which you should definitely get, from the bar across the road, who apparently serve great seafood themselves.

If you ever needed a reason to go to Sion, this is it. Great seafood, at a great price. This is an island city, and seafood is as much part of the local lifestyle as school trips to Esselworld. You shouldn’t have to pay Rs. 350 for 6 prawns, and you don’t have to. Maybe try going up to Sion sometime. You won’t regret it.

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