Suicide Squad Review: DC Really Needs To Give Up

I’ve never been one to say mean things about movies before I’ve had the chance of watching them; except for Ghostbusters obviously. Watching Suicide Squad was one of the biggest cinematic disappointments of this year, a year which mind you gave us Batman v Superman. Suicide Squad wasn’t just bad, it was laughably terrible, with its childish dialogues, over the top fight sequences and unnecessary character introductions by people on computers pretending to be government agents you’d think it was directed by Sohail Khan.

Let’s be honest, at least Batman v Superman divided audiences; everyone agrees Suicide Squad was an abomination, it really seems that DC needs to stop investing in marketing and making brilliant trailers that give you unrealistic movie expectations and instead focus on getting a decent script. The film was incoherent, had a very vague virtually nonexistent plot, cringe worthy one-liners, a ridiculously slow then rapid pace and most unforgivably of all, dragged Will Smith down with it. The movie is perhaps the worst rendition of Suicide Squad since ISIS. 

On the plus side Suicide Squad did have an epic soundtrack, phenomenal special effects and didn’t include Jadyn Smith. On the whole I wouldn’t recommend you pay money to watch this movie; if you even have to see it at all. It would be worth your while to use that money on something more productive like drugs, alcohol or just setting it on fire.

As far as Suicide Squad’s cast performances go, I think they all did a good job, the only saving grace of the movie was their acting and on screen chemistry, something a film illiterate person like me wouldn’t normally notice unless I was desperately looking to pay the movie a compliment without actually lying. I think DC needs to just give up on movies and just put all their money in the Arkham games or Gotham; things they’re actually good at. You know your movie series is imploding when Green Lantern is now considered one of the good ones. 

All in all I’d give the move 1 out of 5 stars.

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