Sushi So Authentic It’s Named After Places In America

sushi and more

Millennia of exposure to Chilli Chicken has rendered the Indian palate incapable of detecting any flavour more nuanced than pepper spray. Which is why our Chinese and Italian food, while delicious, taste nothing like the real deal.

There are two reasons why Japanese food never really caught on in India, the first being vegetarians, and the second is its relative blandness; and then there’s also the minor detail that our seas are fairly toxic, so eating raw fish isn’t necessarily the brightest idea.

For the longest time affordable sushi has largely been a delicacy restricted mostly to people aware of Global Fusion’s lunch buffet. But today we discovered a small delivery kitchen that might just be the saviour of Japanese hegemony in India, they call it Sushi And More.

Sushi delivery companies are the martyrs of the food world. Everyone who’s ever eaten fish knows that it spoils faster than a thirteen year old girl who just discovered Tumblr. Delivering raw fish in rice in the Bombay heat is a risky business model, but if we are to be considered a world-class city, it’s a sacrifice that we must be willing to make.

Sushi And More specialises in reasonably priced, authentic sushi. We tried the Philadelphia Roll and the California Roll. They were ‘Uramakis’, which means the seaweed is on the inside and the rice outside. See, we learn new things every day at The Bombay Report.

Philadelphia Roll

Rs. 360 for 4

sushi and more

The Philadelphia roll, a salmon Uramaki with cream cheese and a cucumber, was our personal favourite. The salmon should ideally have been the best part, but we somehow enjoyed the sweetness of the rice just a little more. The cream cheese was as relevant as Philadelphia, and the cucumber (as expected) added no value to the roll whatsoever. Still, everything came together in a symphony of flavours that we can only assume is what sushi is supposed to taste like.

California Roll

Rs. 300 for 4

sushi and more

We liked the California Roll for entirely philosophical reasons. Any food item that would rather disintegrate in your hand than be Instagramed is something that if it were human, we wouldn’t mind grabbing a beer with. The California Roll was a crabmeat Uramaki with avocado, which is where we’re guessing the ‘California’ part comes in. We’d have much preferred if they skipped the avocado altogether, because we think the USA would be just as great without it.

Sushi And More has a separate but equal portion of their menu dedicated to vegetarian sushi, which we didn’t think was physically or morally possible, but will acknowledge grudgingly. They come with asparagus or something.

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