The Government Colleges Hostel; A Secret Place I’m Totally Going To Out

The Government Law Colleges Hostel in Churchgate looks just like any other boys hostel, an absolute mess; but it’s in South Bombay so at least it’s classy. As far as hostels go, you couldn’t ask for a better location, it’s between Churchgate station, Marine Drive and Burger King, and once you get over the fact that half the people there are aspiring lawyers it’s a pretty decent place. But we aren’t going to present you with an online critique of the living conditions; we were there for something much more important, the canteen, & more specifically, the food.

chikoo milkshake
The only acceptable way to eat a chikoo is in a milkshake

I’m going to be frank, the first time we visited GCH we were a bit put off by the canteen, it’s not the most sanitary place in the world, nor were the benches splinter free, they didn’t serve Coke, and we had a reasonably clear view of the kitchen (in an undesirable, Imbiss way). We prepared ourselves  for one of the many disappointing culinary experiences of our lives. But this wasn’t going to be one of them.

omg yes
omg yes

Not only was the food edible, it was actually pretty damn good, and their milkshakes, even better. We’ve spent a lot of time and money at this canteen, arguably more than we did at my own (the Xavier’s) Canteen. We had the Chinese Biryani, that while neither Chinese nor Biryani, is a spicy, flavourful and delicious mixture of not-exactly-fried-rice and red-saucy-chicken-thing, all topped with a hard-boiled egg. You have to try it to believe it.

P.S- We’ve never really seen any girls eating here (it’s a boy’s hostel), so if you’re thinking of taking your cousin sister, she might have to wait outside, and while I don’t really care either way it would make a compelling feature article for Vagabomb.

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