The Hipster Tea Party; At The Hive, Obviously

Ever had a cup of green tea and thought to yourself, “this is great, all it needs is some more pretentious people.”? Well, I certainly have. And fortunately, my prayers were answered with the Hive’s new event called the “Bandra Tea Party”, which celebrates India’s long run in with colonialism. I mean I personally would be against the idea of celebrating an aggressive imperialist policy that lead to massacres, slavery and subjugation, but at least they had cute accents.

Now you might wonder how charging people 200 bucks for tea, talking in foreign accents and dressing like it’s the 1920s would make for a successful event, but remember this is Bandra, that’s basically all they do there, if there’s anything wrong with this theme it’s that it isn’t farfetched enough. The fact that the Hive is throwing a themed tea party doesn’t come as a surprise to me, they’ve been going down that road for some time now, they’re such hipsters they probably grew the tea themselves and they’re so pretentious they say they’re from Bandra when they’re really from Khar.

Still, it does sound like a fun event I’d like to participate in, even if it’s only to make fun of the people who actually dress up like English country aristocrats just to go to Danda. If you’d like more details you can always visit their page though I have to warn you, it’s even more unhinged and incoherent than this article.

Date –¬†Saturday, 3rd September
Timings – 2pm to 9pm

You can book your tickets here, although you probably¬†shouldn’t.


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