Our Three Favourite Burgers In Mumbai

As objective journalists whose truth bombs have shocked the city and forever ostracised us from polite society; we do not fear death. And that’s not hyperbole, given the nature of the substance we’ll be talking about today; Beef.

We’ve always maintained that chicken burgers are little more than glorified sandwiches, and as an organisation, we stand by our values. Still, we gave you your damn chicken burger article last week to maintain the illusion that we take them seriously, but this one, is about real burgers, and is something that comes from the heart. For years, we, the tireless patriots at The Bombay Report have scoured this city in search of the perfect burger. After visiting scores of restaurants across the city and eating every burger we could get our hands on for ‘research purposes’, today, we present to you, our three favourites.

Meating Joint Burger, Imbiss

Despite being barely big enough to accommodate us, Imbiss has defied the odds and probably its lease agreement by coming up with some of the best food Bandra has to offer. Imbiss has a bunch of meaty creations from all over the world on its menu, but perhaps the greatest of them all, is the burger. This colossal beauty, with its beefy patty & crisp strips of bacon that criss-cross inextricably between the lettuce and fried egg, is a majesty to behold; Even as the burger disintegrates beneath its own juices and its delicious contents leak onto your t-shirt. Sure, this burger begins to self destruct the moment it arrives at your table, but every second is worth it.

Blue Cheese And Maple Bacon Tenderloin Burger, Jimis Burger

Arguably at the very pinnacle of Mumbai’s burger repertoire, is the Blue Cheese And Maple Bacon Tenderloin, one of the most exquisite burgers we’ve ever encountered. Superbly spiced burger patties are something we’ve come to expect with all of Jimi’s burgers, but this burger’s exquisite patty is only part of its opulence. While the smell of blue cheese can be a bit off-putting to people who aren’t as cultured as we are, the maple glazed bacon balances it perfectly, for a mix of sweet, salty and meaty flavours that can only be rivalled by eating dessert off of a beautiful woman’s body.

The T-Rex, Stacks And Racks

This beauty is made from some Grade-A steak from Stacks And Racks, and since it’s from Malad it could very well be made from an actual T-Rex. Jokes aside, this gargantuan burger has one of the most enjoyable patties we could find anywhere in Mumbai, and since it’s topped off with an egg you can even consider it healthy eating. It certainly isn’t the first thing we’d order at Stacks And Racks, but as far as burgers go, few if any could challenge its place in our heart, or at least our arteries.

Is there a burger that you think we missed out on this list? Do you think chicken burgers deserve the same praise as beef ones? Let us know on Instagram, and we’ll print out your suggestion & put it in our big jar of good suggestions.

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