Todi Mill Social Now Delivers, And It’s Probably For The Best

Do you like the food at Todi Mill Social but hate pretty much everything else? The furniture reminiscent of Fallout 4, the toilet paper on the tables, the weird shipping container that serves no apparent purpose, the fact that you have to walk through the depressingly dilapidated remains of an old mill just to get a beer?  But you go there anyway, because what else are you going to do? Visit Hoppipola? Sure. If you really like Todi Mill Social but hate actually going there, this news might be of interest to you; they’ve started with home deliveries.

Imagine chowing down on an OMG burger, or a plate of murderous death wings or Poutine all from the comfort and safety of your own home without any of the risk of running into ex-colleagues and making awkward eye contact as each of you wonder why the other one’s trying to order a Long Island Ice Tea at 10am only to be shot down by the waiter who says they aren’t allowed to serve booze till 11:30. The fact that I know this is sadder than it is funny. You know you have a real problem when a pub from Delhi tells you it’s too early to serve you alcohol.

But I digress, obviously this is big news. Say what you want about Social (and believe me I do) it really is a place with good food, and when you eliminate the weird ambience and constantly diminishing quality of service from the equation it becomes even better. To place an order at Social you’ll have to go through Scootsy which is a serious delivery application and not a website for people with vehicle fetishes. There have always been many good reasons to consider going to Social, and now finally, there’s a good one not to.

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