Why Rajasthan Deserves To Exist

If you’re a writer on a writer’s salary you’ll probably have noticed that the prices of luxuries like food have really gone up in the past couple of months, especially in places like Khar that are so gentrified they have not one, but two Starbucks. Obviously that’s part of an absurd tax policy we’re way too unqualified to explain, but seriously when did we get colonised by Kalyan? Why am the hell am I paying a cess to Thane’s Thane?  Is there a famine or something going on there that nobody’s talking about because the media would rather just pick on Salman Khan?

My anti tax dogma aside, going out to eat everyday in a place like Khar can be a bit heavy on the wallet, which is why I’m glad that places like Rajasthan exist;  Rajasthan the restaurant, not the state, I don’t really know what Rajasthan the state actually does besides make websites about their camels.

Rajasthan, true to its name, serves only authentic Chinese, north Indian and Irani food, for prices you’d assume they forgot to update since they started out in 1984. That’s right, they’ve been doing this before you were born (unless, of course, you’re thirty). They’re basically Khar’s Lucky, except for the whole being owned by the mafia part. This isn’t the kind of place you go to once and romanticise for the rest of your life; it’s the kind of place you can go to every day, and still actually like.

If you’re planning to go out with a buddy, or a girl you aren’t trying to impress, Rajasthan is the place to be, and The Bombay Report knows exactly what you should order;

1) Kheema Fry

Price: Rs.70

A photo posted by The Bombay Report (@bombayreport) on As Kheema enthusiasts, we have to say Rajasthan’s is awesome, and like all kheema it’s spicy, oily and is served with enough pav to almost fill in the giant hole in our lives that made us foodies in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s only served after 4pm.

2) Prawn Manchurian

Price: Rs.140

A photo posted by The Bombay Report (@bombayreport) on How you can still get a plate of prawns for 140 bucks escapes me, just don’t bring that up at Rajasthan or they might jack up the prices. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re seafood people; so of course we’d include their prawn Manchurian, which is really good, incredible even, though we wouldn’t quite call it excellent. Still, at 140 bucks you could do a lot worse. If you’re going for it, we suggest you order a naan instead of rice on the side. You can thank us later.

3) Garlic Butter Naan

Price: Rs.30

There are many items on Rajasthan’s menu which could technically qualify as their best. But the one we like the most isn’t really an item at all, it’s a side dish that could just as easily been glossed over for a plate of rice by a fatter man;  the butter garlic naan. If you’re a butter person (who isn’t) this is what you should get. Then there’s the garlic. It’s a bit overpowering really, but that just adds to the flavour and excitement of whatever starter or main course you decide to go for. Just try not to hate yourself when you’re finished.

In a city that’s changing so fast, and a time where eating out is almost unaffordable, it’s nice to have a place with good food you can go to every day and not condemn your children to a life of debt. If you haven’t been to the institution that is Rajasthan yet, you absolutely should, at least before some hipster loser from Delhi turns it into a ‘performance space‘ or an adoption centre for gay cats or worse, another Social.

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